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How to Treble Crochet

If you’re looking to create a quick and loose crochet project, treble crochet is the way to go.  Sometimes referred to as “triple crochet stitches,” treble crochet stitches are the tallest of the commonly-used crochet stitches, with the others–from shortest to tallest–being slip stitches, single crochet stitches, half-double crochet stitches, and double crochet stitches. When…

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How to Double Crochet and Half Double Crochet

Double crochet and half double crochet stitches are very convenient.  Sometimes, you may not have the time to single crochet an entire scarf, but still want it to be semi-tight.  Maybe you just don’t have enough yarn.  In either event, double crochet and half double crochet stitches would work out in your favor. When dealing…

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