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How to Crochet an Improved Treble Crochet Foundation Chain

Treble crochet foundation chains aren’t very common.  In fact, before I created this tutorial, I had never actually seen it done.  After researching some tutorials, I realized that the reason why treble crochet foundation chains aren’t very common is probably because so many crocheters would be disappointed with the outcome.

If you’re familiar with single crochet foundation chains and double crochet foundation chains, you’ll notice that all you really need to do is add one extra step to the stitches in a single crochet foundation chain in order to create a double crochet foundation chain.  It seems that when others tried to create treble crochet foundation chains, they added just one more step to the double crochet foundation chains, not realizing that treble crochet stitches are a lot more spaced out than double crochet stitches.

Foundation chains actually work to make your project look nicer than if you were to use a normal chain row.  With just the one extra step, the treble crochet foundation chains being taught all over the internet look about as bad as the project would look if you didn’t create the foundation chain.  I don’t mean to offend anyone; I’m sure it’s just how these crocheters were taught to create it.

In the video below, you’ll see my version of the treble crochet foundation chain, which adds more than one step to each stitch.  By doing it this way, your foundation chain will be in line with the rest of your project, rather than it being tighter and uneven.

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