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How to Crochet a Thin, Four-Sided Shell Scarf

Here’s a tutorial for a simple shell scarf I created using Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn.  The color I used is Stillness.  You can, of course, use whatever color you’d like.  I also used a 4.25 mm (G) crochet hook for this pattern.

DSCN0711For this project, I needed two skeins of the yarn, but if you read through this post before beginning, I’ll tell you about some other options you have if you just want to use one skein.  By following the tutorial, one skein will get you about 3.75 rows, which is why a second skein is needed.

Due to the fact that the scarf is very thin, I made it pretty long so that I can wrap it around a few times.  To reduce the amount of yarn you use, you can make it much shorter, which I’ll explain later.

If you’d like to follow the pattern the same way I did it, begin by chaining four hundred and fifty-four times.  Once you have finished that, perform four triple (or treble) crochets in the fourth chain from the hook.  If you don’t know how to do this, yarn over the crochet hook twice an insert it into the desired stitch.  Yarn over and pull through the stitch.  Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on the hook.  Yarn over again and pull through the next two loops on the hook.  Yarn over once more and pull through the last two loops on the hook.

ShellOnce you have done that, skip five chains and create a shell stitch in the next chain.  You can follow the directions in the box to the left to create a shell.  Once you have created your first real shell, skip five chains and create another shell.  Continue this process until you have six chain spaces left in the row.

As you will see, this is a pretty long scarf.  However, since you are skipping so many chains, it’s not as long as you may expect after chaining so many times.  If you would like to make your scarf shorter, you can chain less times, just make sure that the amount of times you chain is a multiple of six, plus four.  (My scarf is seventy-five chains times six, which would be four hundred and fifty chains.  Adding four comes to four hundred and fifty-four.)

GapOnce you have crocheted to the end and have six chains left, single crochet and shell in the last chain.  Now, create a shell in each of the gaps above the four treble crochets of the first row, as displayed in the picture to the right.  In the last gap of the row, single crochet and turn to work on the third row.  Once you have turned, create a shell in that same space.

Here comes the tricky part.  Chain twice and create a shell in the next gap, but behind the shell of the previous row (if this is too much of a problem, you can create the shell in front of the other one and then push the first shell through the gap that is created).  Continue the process in bold until you have one gap left.  Single crochet in the last hole, turn, and create another shell.

Now, shell in the hole just before the two chains created in the previous row.  This shell should also be behind the last row’s shell.  Continue this process until you reach the end.  Now, you can fasten off to end the scarf.

For time’s sake, I ended my scarf here, with just the four rows.  If you would like to create a thicker scarf, you can repeat the last process as many times as you want.  This would be good if you created a shorter scarf, since you may not be able to wrap it around as many times.

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