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How to Crochet a Slip Knot, Magic Circle, and Adjustable Slip Knot – Three Ways to Start Crocheting for Beginners

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s good to know a few different ways in which you can start a crochet project.  In the video below, you will learn how to create a regular slip knot, a magic circle, and an adjustable slip knot.  These methods are useful not only when following a pattern, but also when you want to create your own unique project.

The most common way to start a crochet project is with a slip knot.  A slip knot is often used to start at the edge of a project, like the corner of a blanket.  However, it can also be used to start in the center of a project, like you would do with a magic circle.

The magic circle is also pretty common, but unlike the slip knot, it can only be used when you want to start off with a crocheted ring.  This technique goes by many different names, including “magic loop,” “adjustable loop,” and “adjustable ring.”  When you create a magic circle, you’re starting in the middle of a project–for instance, the center of a circle.  The good thing about the magic circle is that you can tighten your starting place so that you do not have a giant gap in the center.  Crocheters often use this technique for amigurumi projects, since you will not be able to see the stuffing within if you use this technique.

The adjustable slip knot is a bit of a combination between a regular slip knot and a magic circle.  I haven’t actually heard this method called by any name, so forgive me if you know it by something else (and leave a comment to let me know!), as I just gave it a name which I felt made the most sense.  When you use an adjustable slip knot, the knot is barely noticeable and a portion of it can be used as an actual stitch.  Quite like the magic circle, you can pull on the end of the yarn to tighten it, so that you do not have the giant gap left by a normal slip knot.  If you want to make a circle without a gap, but are not fond of the magic circle, you can always use the adjustable slip knot for the same effect.  Likewise, you can use the adjustable slip knot for projects with straight lines, like you would with a regular slip knot.

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