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How to Crochet a Quick Scarf with the Treble Crochet Stitch

It’s still pretty cold out (in some places), so here’s a tutorial for a scarf that will keep you warm without getting itchy.  Once you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t take you more than two hours to complete.  All you need is a skein of the Country Loom type of yarn from Loops & Threads.  This yarn can be found at Michaels stores or by shopping online.

Using just one skein of yarn, the scarf I created measures roughly fifty-seven inches.  If you would like your scarf to be longer, you can always use a second skein of yarn.  Along with the yarn, you will need a 5 mm crochet hook, which allows the scarf to be more comfortable without having huge gaps in it.

Below is the video tutorial for the scarf.  If you would rather read the tutorial, you can scroll down.

To begin, create your slip stitch and chain ten times.  In the first chain after the one attached to the hook, treble crochet once.  Treble crochet once in the following three chains.  In the next chain space, treble crochet three times.  After that, treble crochet once in the following four chain spaces.  Chain twice and turn to begin the next row.

Crochet-Scarf-Loops-and-Threads-Country-Loom-HollyhockSkip one stitch and treble crochet once in the next four stitches.  Treble crochet three times in the next stitch.  Treble crochet once in the next four stitches.  Chain twice and turn.

Repeat the pattern in bold until you feel you will not have enough yarn left.  Once that happens, you can either tie it off or create a row of slip stitches to match the other end of the scarf.  Once you have finished, you can stick loose ends into the scarf to conceal them; one good thing about this yarn is that you won’t be able to tell if there are any loose ends.

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