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How to Crochet a Chain with a Normal Slip Knot and an Adjustable Slip Knot

In most crochet tutorials, a normal slip knot is used to start a crochet project before beginning your chain.  Sometimes, however, it’s beneficial to use an adjustable slip knot, which incorporates the first chain stitch into it.  The adjustable slip knot allows you to tighten the beginning of your project–much like a magic circle.  This gives you less of a gap near the initial knot and the first stitch (or chain).  While both the normal slip knot and the adjustable slip knot are quite easy to create, one may be more preferable over the other in specific projects.  In the video below, I show you how to create a chain with a normal slip knot, and a chain with an adjustable slip knot.

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2 thoughts on “How to Crochet a Chain with a Normal Slip Knot and an Adjustable Slip Knot

  1. […] Chains are normally used to start off many crochet projects, including those consisting of double crochet stitches.  If you’re working with straight lines, foundation chains can be quite beneficial.  For those unfamiliar with the term, foundation chains basically incorporate the initial chain and the first row of stitches.  This saves the crocheter the time of creating the chain and first row of stitches individually.  While single crochet foundation chains are becoming more popular, double crochet foundation chains are almost unknown to even the most “experienced” crocheters. […]

  2. […] tighter than it would if you used a double crochet stitch or one that’s larger.  If you know how to create a slip knot and a chain, all you need to learn now is how to single crochet and you can begin to create your own crochet […]

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